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500 Elizabeth St
Nanaimo, BC, V9R 3C9

ebook cover design

About Angie-O

Angie-O obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Ryerson University in 2005.

With a major in photography, she was trained to always consider ‘total design‘…the visual theory that every little part affects the whole. Angie has a natural tendency toward design and has a deep appreciation for the overall aesthetics of design and its various effects. Her versatile skill set lends well to creating the ideal e-Cover, no matter what your vision.

Work with Angie and you will discover she is easy to communicate with, receptive to your needs, creative with your vision, fast to respond, and open to changing directions at any stage. If you are lacking vision for your cover, she will definitely present you with many exciting options.

“I collaborate with the authors I design for. I want them to feel like they are in control and I don’t stop until they love it.”